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Before flying this site, please join the Telegram group chat via the link and inform the group of your intentions.

Wunjunga: About

Please read the below site briefing before flying.

Wunjunga is a small coastal community located 30 mins south of Home Hill.

Coordinates to launch are as follows:


Wunjunga offers a small coastal hill with access via the shoreline and the launch tucked in behind the small beach huts.

Vehicles can be parked at the end of the bitumen road. Otherwise 4x4 vehicles can drive along the shoreline and park in front of the first beach hut.

Access to the launch involves climbing roughly 70m at the front of the ridge behind the first and second beach hut.

Wunjunga is a coastal flying site with the  launch taking a ENE-NE direction. Landing is at the bottom along the shoreline.

Non-local pilots are to contact the local club prior to flying.

Wunjunga: About

Launch location

Wunjunga: About
Wunjunga: About
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