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NQRA SAFA Regional Development Levy

Our North Queensland Regional Association (NQRA) is affiliated with SAFA as the regional association representing North Queensland SAFA members. 

All members of SAFA pay a Regional Development Levy (RDL) as part of their annual membership fees with SAFA - QLD RDL’s are the lowest in Australia. 

RDL’s for our region are disbursed to the NQRA and used to progress initiatives outlined in our NQRA annual plans. This includes: supporting the development of free-flying-related safety initiatives across the region; improving flying site infrastructure (i.e. weather stations, launch & surface maintenance and installation, …); supporting regional flying events; and running the NQRA.

Members of the NQRA with ideas to improve: safety, infrastructure, events or administration are encouraged to reach out to the NQRA committee with suggestions. Meetings will be held regularly and are a great place to develop ideas with other members.

The NQRA committee expect proposals to be outlined in writing for further consideration and development.

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