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Mt Inkerman

Before flying this site, please join the Telegram group chat via the link and inform the group of your intentions.

Please read the below site briefing before flying.

Mt Inkerman is located 12km south from Home Hill and around 1 hour 30 mins south of Townsville.

Coordinates to Mt Inkerman are:

The site sits at around 180m AMSL and offers two launches, with the main launch facing SE and the alternate launch facing SW.

There is direct access to the site via a bitumen road which also provides parking and toilets on site.

Mt Inkerman can offer ridge soaring and inland thermic flying, with the opportunity for flatland XC.

Non-local pilots are to check-in with the local Telegram group prior to flying. 

The main landing zone is directly below the SE launch in the large fenced paddock. Landing is also possible to the far right of the paddock towards the service station - please beware of horses in the paddock to the SE of the service station/shop.

Mt Inkerman provides a maintained walking trail back to the top, which is located behind the service station next to the highway. Hiking takes around 30mins with seats available along the way for rest breaks.




Main landing zone

Map Coordinates



Secondary landing zone

Map Coordinates


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